Jun 17 15

Jurassic World’s success was not just at the box office, but in smart marketing


Recently, all kinds of major events have occurred throughout the country that greatly impacted the pop culture world. No, it was not the Chicago Blackhawks’ or Golden State Warriors‘ historic championship wins, or LeBron James declaring himself the “best player in the world,” or even the Game of Thrones season finale that left its audience with more than one cliffhanger.

For our purposes, the most notable news was that the film “Jurassic World” took home $511.8 million dollars around the world, setting the record for biggest global opening of all time. And, arguably, most of the credit should go to the movie’s extensive marketing efforts.

The film’s tremendous success reminded us how important it is to go beyond simply advertising your product and focusing on the experience for each consumer, even if a franchise like “Jurassic Park” can lean on nostalgia. These days, brands must create marketing efforts that emotionally involve the consumer far in advance to truly succeed.

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Jun 16 15

#BreakoutBrand moment: CVS is on target with Target buy


I never would have considered going to Target to fill a prescription, but I would if there was a CVS pharmacist behind the counter dispensing the medication and answering my questions.

With this week’s big acquisition news – CVS buying 1,600 drugstores from Target – two Breakout Brands with a history of customer-centric innovation are coming together in what looks like a big win for both.

Target gets to offload a business line that was not performing as well as hoped, while potentially bringing new customers through its doors by offering expertise from the nation’s largest dispenser of prescription drugs, the biggest operator of health care clinics (the great Minute Clinic concept) and the second-largest pharmacy-benefits manager.

Meanwhile, CVS gets 1,600 new locations in 47 states, the chance to get in on a new Target “Express” concept targeting urban markets, and the cache of “rubbing brands” with a powerhouse retail brand that remains iconic in the U.S., despite some recent setbacks such as the failed Canada expansion.

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May 22 15

Confused about Facebook’s latest NewsFeed changes? Find out how they impact your brand


Facebook’s latest algorithm changes have put brands on edge – and with good reason. With this update, Facebook is continuing to limit organic reach for brands and publishers alike, and it is necessary for brands to revamp their social strategy to prevent losing out on influence and opportunities for engagement.

The first step is understanding what the modifications are. According to Facebook product manager Max Eulenstein and user experience researcher Lauren Scissors, there are three big changes that will impact your brand reach on Facebook.

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May 19 15

What Google’s Hotel Finder really means for travel industry marketers


A couple of years ago, Google put the fear of, well, Google in the entire travel industry when it enabled Hotel Finder.

Predictions were dire, ranging from radical changes in booking behavior to the collapse of travel aggregation sites. However, little of that actually occurred, and the Kayaks, Expedias and TripAdvisors of the world are doing just fine. In fact, in some instances they’ve diversified their service offerings.

We thought this would be a good time to review what Hotel Finder has really meant to the travel industry.

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May 14 15

Why travel brands must innovate, disrupt to survive in the digital era


For travel companies, enough is not enough anymore. Or, rather, what was enough isn’t sufficient today.

As travel and leisure companies increasingly shift to becoming broader lifestyle brands, the consumer is expecting ever greater levels of service and personalization from this sector, much of it driven by the promise offered by digital technology and social connectedness.

That said, becoming a lifestyle brand, whether focused on luxury excursions or budget-conscious business travel, has become the growing trend used to innovate and expand the product offering. As noted in the 2015 Skift report on travel megatrends, many companies are mixing up offerings with “increased emphasis on design, wholesome food offerings, and local cultural integrations.” In some cases, the report notes, this can lead to the launch of a completely new category of products.

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May 13 15

Lessons from DeflateGate and Tom Brady for brands and businesses


The most surprising thing about DeflateGate may be the astounding polarity in opinions about the recently announced penalties against the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady.

One Facebook post suggested that we should “order the implosion of Gillette Stadium,” while others point to an absence of evidence and lack relative harm to suggest it’s all little more than media hype.

For those who may be unaware, Brady is being punished for not complying with an investigation into under-inflated footballs after an AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts in January 2015.

Certainly some of the extreme reactions can be ascribed to existing NFL loyalties and animosities. But it seems to have moved well beyond the realm of sports fans. If everyone is going to have an opinion, are there relevant learnings here for anyone other than NFL teams and their quarterbacks?

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May 12 15

Digital trends for 2015 and beyond: PROI asked, we answered


rbb is proud to be part of the Public Relations Organization International (PROI) global network, the world’s largest partnership of independent agencies with 67 partners in approximately 100 offices in 50 countries and regions.

So we were extremely pleased when they asked for our digital perspective for the inaugural issue of the PROI Americas newsletter. We thought we’d share with you what we shared with them.

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May 8 15

The best Mother’s Day gift for working moms: Family-friendly policies


Mother’s Day is upon us. While many companies remain focused on using the holiday to drive sales, the holiday also offers a great opportunity for businesses to take stock in how family-friendly they are as an institution.

As a working mom, I love hearing about businesses like celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe’s that invest in family-friendly policies. For a smaller company, Rachel Zoe took a relatively big step this week by opening up a fully-staffed, complimentary nursery for the working parents she employs. It’s a move that certainly motivates me to purchase more of her products, the same way that American Express’ fully paid maternity and paternity makes me feel good about being a cardholder for nearly two decades.

Creating a family-friendly work environment and a corporate culture that promotes work-life balance drives customer and employee loyalty, the latter of which should be a major priority for employers. But sadly in the U.S. it’s not.

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May 7 15

Was Mexico the real winner of the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight?


Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao may have duked it out in a historic match, but there was an unexpected presence in the ring that still has people talking.

The country of Mexico received most of the prime time exposure, from the branding around the ring and on the screens to Julio Lopez singing the Mexican national anthem (even before the fighters’ own). In fact, the Mexico Tourism Board and Tecate beer were two out of five title sponsors for the fight, which set a new record for sponsorships bringing in $13.2 million.

While beers brands like Tecate are no stranger to sponsoring boxing matches, why would the Tourism Board invest so heavily in this event to promote its “Mexico, Live it to Believe it” campaign?

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May 5 15

It’s about more than winning: 4 benefits of an award-entering culture


It’s possible some might feel industry awards are a bit self-serving – patting oneself on the back for a job well done.

However, those organizations that take pride in the process might receive something much greater than agency self-aggrandizement. The reality is that industry awards often make the work itself better.

For agencies at which award entries are part of the standard operating procedure, there is a resulting orientation toward certain key behaviors that can elevate an agency’s overall performance.

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