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Best place to work: Interns wanted

by Kristy Kennedy

With our summer interns starting this week, I’m excited about all the opportunities that lay ahead of them. Being a part of the rbb team is rewarding in so many ways, but being co-manager of rbb’s internship program has its very own rewards.

rbb interns have opportunities like no other – they are a part of the team, the rewards are endless and we pride ourselves on giving interns a real world experience.

Interns participate in professional development programs, own their own projects, pitch media and much more.

So, what does it take to secure one of the coveted positions?

  1. A genuine interest in public relations and pursuing it as your career.
  2. Solid grammar skills. Break out your AP Stylebook, because you will need it!
  3. Resourcefulness. Can you find quick and clever ways to solve a problem on your own?
  4. Professionalism, both in your demeanor and dress.
  5. The ability to work well individually and in a team environment.
  6. Fearlessness. Are you ready to speak to the media?
  7. A thirst for knowledge.

Are you ready to unlock your future in PR? Check out rbb’s career page and apply!

What is your best advice for PR pros just starting out?

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  1. Antonella permalink

    To whom it may concern, I am looking for a job in marketing.
    I have been recently let go from a localization company and would like to pursue my career in a different direction. I am very motivated and energetic individual and would like to know where and how I can apply for a possible opportunity.
    Thank you,

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