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Never, Ever Initiative: Why you need a no multi-tasking while driving plan

by Christine Barney, APR

Click here to pledge to stop multi-tasking while driving.

I will never win any “good driver” awards. My fear of the road, or rather of other drivers, means I mooch rides when I can and backseat drive (literally sitting in the back seat), demanding people go slow and pay attention. My personal experiences have given me good reason to be a nervous Nelly.

Every day there are news stories of accidents, some fatal, caused by drivers who aren’t paying attention. Recently, my colleague Chris de la Huerta and I were driving back to the office and were amazed as the car in front of us plowed into the car ahead of it for no reason. We weren’t near a light or a stop sign and traffic was flowing normally. The driver just looked down for a bit and you know the rest of the story.

I immediately came back to the office and wrote our “Never, Ever Initiative,” which prohibits multi-tasking while driving. This initiative is becoming part of our new hire orientation and we are asking all employees to sign the pledge and put safety first. We’re also providing employees with a hands-free Bluetooth device upon turning in their pledge.

We’re a society that loves to multi-task while we drive. However the statistics do not play in our favor:
  • Driving while distracted is a factor in 25 percent of police reported crashes.
  • The No.1 source of driver inattention is use of a wireless device. (Virginia Tech/NHTSA)
  • Drivers that use cell phones are four times as likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves. (NHTSA, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety)

Of course, any day now there will be statistics about companies being sued because their employees caused accidents while multi-tasking. So, maybe some people will sign the pledge for themselves. Others will do it because it’s the right thing to do. Maybe some will do it because good corporate risk managers say it’s a good tool to avoid lawsuits.

But whatever your reason, just do it. Please help us spread the word and get your friends and family to sign the pledge by adding your name in the comment section below. Invite your workplaces to download and customize the pledge as well.

Click here to view and download rbb’s “Never, Ever Initiative.”

Believe it or not, you can also use your smartphone to prevent multi-tasking while driving – and earn some money too. (Really!) Although there are apps that just block phone features like True SMS-Live Saver, SafeCellApp ($11.99) will actually reward you safe driving points that are redeemable at certain vendors.

So, as an added bonus, we’re giving away a $15 iTunes gift to the first 10 people who pledge,which can be used toward the purchase of SafeCellApp. Pledge by adding your name to our comments below!

Live long and drive safely!

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  1. I, Betsy Soler, pledge to follow the rbb “Never, Ever Initiative.” – @bsoler [My Twitter handle is my new digital signature] 12/17/2010

  2. Eddie Mujica permalink

    I’ve been in a car accident before where texting was involved. Therefore…I, Eddie Mujica, pledge to follow the rbb “Never, Ever Initiative.” – @emujica

  3. Jonathan Torres permalink

    I’ve read studies that have shown that multi-tasking while driving is even more dangerous than drinking and driving which is why I pledge to never do either of those – @jonnytorres

  4. Elizabeth Urgell permalink

    I pledge to never multi-task while driving. I, Elizabeth Urgell, pledge to follow the rbb “Never, Ever Initiative.”

  5. Rachel Tabacnic permalink

    I also pledge the never ever initiative ! Keep everyone safe! @prdivarach

  6. Stephanie Llamas permalink

    I, Stephanie Llamas, pledge to follow the rbb “Never, Ever Initiative.”

  7. John Prieur permalink

    That is crazy!! Glad you and Chris are safe! :) I, John Prieur, pledge to follow the rbb “Never, Ever Initiative.”

  8. Gisela Calero permalink

    I, Gisela Calero, pledge to follow the rbb “Never, Ever Initiative.”

    It’s so dangerous to text and drive.. just don’t do it!

  9. Jennifer permalink

    I will NEVER TEXT and Drive. EVER!

  10. Brendan Quirk permalink

    Texting while driving is dangerous. I will take the pledge starting today!

  11. peter quirk permalink

    texting and driving is just dumb. Way to many ppl are doing it and don’t understand why it’s so dangerous to do until someone gets hurt

  12. CONGRATULATIONS! Wonderful initiative and it’s a difficult one for me. This past Thanksgiving my sister made me promise to stop texting and driving and I tried, but no I fell into the same habits thinking that this will be a wonderful 2011 Resolution. You my friend, have taken it many steps further and for that I applaud you and pledge right now to never ever use my mobile device and/or multi-task while driving.

    Thank you for the serious reminder, I needed that.

    Here’s to a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

  13. Michelle Catin
    Michelle Catin permalink

    I, Michelle Catin, pledge never to multi-task and drive!

  14. Rafael Sangiovanni
    Rafael Sangiovanni permalink

    This is going to be tough, but…

    I pledge to never multitask while driving from now on!

  15. Christine de la Huerta
    Christine de la Huerta permalink

    My name is Christine and I am a multi-tasking addict. But this is serious; it can save lives. I am going to really try. I promise. (I mean, not even waiting for a train to pass??? C’mon, grant me that one little sneak peek!)

  16. admin permalink

    Thanks to everyone who has pledged so far – let’s keep it going!

    To the first 10 commenters – congratulations! We’ll be sending out your gift cards next week – keep an eye out in your inboxes.

  17. Lily Mikulski
    Lilyvania Mikulski permalink

    I pledge to pay attention only to the road– @lilyvania

  18. Jennifer Valdes
    Jennifer Valdes permalink

    I will not risk my life nor the lives of others, and I will avoid multitasking while at the wheel. Since I struggle to keep fitness-related new year’s resolutions, let’s hope this one will stick!

  19. Kristy Kennedy
    Kristy Kennedy permalink

    I promise to not multi-task when driving.

  20. Luisa Yen
    Luisa permalink

    This is great! I, Luisa Yen, pledge never to multi-task and drive!

  21. Rebecca Stella permalink

    I pledge to follow the rbb “Never, Ever Initiative.”

  22. I, Lisa Ross, pledge never to multi-task and drive from now on.

  23. John Quinn permalink

    I’m all for it. I, John Quinn, pledge to follow the rbb “Never, Ever Initiative.”

  24. Esther Griego
    Esther Griego permalink

    I, Esther Griego take the rbb “Never, Ever” pledge

  25. Rebecca Batterman permalink

    I, Rebecca Batterman, pledge to follow the rbb “Never, Ever Initiative.”

  26. Jeanine Karp
    Jeanine Karp permalink

    I, Jeanine Karp, pledge to never ever multi-task while driving.

  27. Rashid Saker permalink

    I make the pledge…Bluetooth is on and texting is off…

  28. Josh Merkin
    Josh Merkin permalink

    I pledge to follow the Never, Ever policy.

  29. Susie Gilden
    Susie Gilden permalink

    I, Susie Gilden, pledge to follow the rbb “Never, Ever Initiative”

  30. Tia Diaz-Balart

    I am happily taking this pledge! Thank you for raising the awareness on this very important issue!

  31. Sandra Fine
    Sandra Fine permalink

    I was on the phone with Chris when said accident occurred so I pledge next time I’m on the phone with Chris in the car it will be hands free!

  32. Maite Velez-Couto
    Maite Velez-Couto permalink

    You got me thinking! I never, ever it is.

  33. Tonya Evans permalink

    Guilty as charged above! But am making every effort to stop treating the care like my mini office and focus on the road. Tonya Seavers Evans

  34. Shawn Warmstein
    Shawn Warmstein permalink

    I, Shawn Warmstein, pledge to follow the rbb “Never, Ever Initiative”

  35. Shani B. permalink

    I pledge to never multitask while driving. If I really can’t wait to get to the office or home before making a call or text, then I will make a pit stop and park to make the call or text. When my hands are on the wheel, they will be off the phone.

  36. Pascale permalink

    I, Pascale Sangiovanni, pledge to follow the rbb “Never, Ever Initiative”

  37. Robert Schoolar-Rose permalink

    I pledge to never multitask while driving.

  38. Cristina permalink

    I, Cristina Flores, pledge to follow the rbb “Never, Ever Initiative” :)

  39. I, Courageous Christopher Vazquez, pledge my undying allegiance to never and i do mean never multitask while driving. I used to text while i drove to work. I was young and foolish, i now know it is wrong to do as such & has been proven to be extremely dangerous.
    This information was brought to me by the very intelligent and articulate Dr. Raph Sangiovanni President of the department of motor vehicles and roadway safety.
    God bless you Mr. Sangiovanni, may the lives you save become a beacon of hope and almighty salvation.

    Always yours,
    Courageous Christopher Vazquez

  40. Vivian Maurtua-Carty permalink

    I, Vivian Maurtua-Carty, pledge to follow the rbb “Never, Ever Initiative”

  41. Patty permalink

    I, Patty Jaramillo, pledge to follow the RBB “Never,Ever Initiative”

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