May 7 10

Who Gives A Tweet?

by Susie Gilden

I recently came across a study about Twitter usage in America by the Edison Research/Arbitron Internet and Multimedia Series.  Some of the statistics bring into question whether or not it is worth it for a company to use twitter to gain brand awareness.  I tend to think that Twitter is a great tool for brands to engage audiences that are interested in hearing what they have to say.  Let’s face it, people on Twitter are likely more social media savvy and are on the site because they have an interest in a constant flow of information on topics relevant to their needs and interests.

What does that mean?  Well, the study says 51 percent of Tweeps are following companies, brands or products on social media platforms.  They probably sought out information because they are current or potential customers or at least have some brand awareness.  The more information a company can provide that person, the more likely they will be able to make a sale.  How often does a company have the opportunity to build a community of followers that encompass their target audience and speak directly to them? So who gives a tweet?  Sounds to me like companies trying to build their brand certainly should.

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  1. Phil Yanan permalink

    Great article Susie.
    I’m kind of new to twitter and don’t yet have a lot of followers. So the brand thing for me…that will be down the road.
    But I also find that it’s a great way to keep up with what’s going in my industry (insurance).
    I follow our state and local associations, as well as some of the trade publications and it really keeps me informed.

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