Feb 3 10

Facebook status game; what’s next?

by Christine de la Huerta

First, it was your bra color. Then your celebrity doppelganger. Now it’s the definition of your name from urbandictionary.com (I have to say, I liked that one best!)… Whatever the trend du jour, it seems the Facebook status game is a hot activity for its 350 million users.  This of course means marketers are in a frenzy trying to figure out how to crack the system and use this viral trend to promote specific products or causes.  Would you change your status if that meant mentioning a brand?  Or does this work best for causes, such as breast cancer awareness?  I wonder what’s next in the Facebook status game, or if people will tire of it altogether.


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  1. Shawn Warmstein
    Shawn permalink

    What’s next can be a scary thought, but whoever thinks of it might have the next big thing!

  2. And I remember when the “25 Things” was all the rage. Boy does time fly…

  3. Lily Mikulski
    Lilyvania Mikulski permalink

    I liked the Yearbook Yourself…

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