Apr 1 14

Did Justin Bieber disprove “There is no such thing as bad publicity”?


We’ve all heard the phrase, “There is no such thing as bad publicity,” but is there truth behind this saying?

We don’t need to look much further than the coverage around pop megastar Justin Bieber’s arrest, scandalous behavior and deposition video. Because he is a celebrity, many are intrigued by his actions and can’t stop watching to see what he will do next. The day of his arrest alone, Bieber gained more than 30,000 Twitter followers.

At first glance, it may seem like the publicity is not damaging his brand, but we must look at the long-term effects. Sure, Bieber gained thousands of Twitter followers, but most of those people are not true “Beliebers” and only started following him out of curiosity and fascination. Soon, the fascination may turn to irritation, as he continues on this downward spiral, and the publicity may become destructive to his career and life.

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Mar 18 14

The obvious and not-so-obvious rules of pitching the media


You can never sharpen your professional tools often enough. At a recent PRSA Miami panel I attended, local media leaders shared their insights on how each of us can become “go-to” PR pros for media. Even after all my years in the PR industry, I still found myself learning something new.

It helped that the panel comprised some of Miami’s best and brightest media leaders: Miami Herald Managing Editor Rick Hirsch, WPLG-10 Assignment Editor and Futures Planner Kerry Weston, and Univision radio host Bernadette Pardo.

At the end of the panel, I felt that the tips they shared applied whether you are handling local and national stories. Below I’ve shared my top takeaways for becoming a trusted, go-to PR pro.

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Feb 27 14

Six tips for PR pros to overcome writer’s block


Writer’s block does not discriminate. Whether you’re writing a press release, planning out a social media content strategy or struggling with the wording of a client email, writer’s block can sneak up when you least expect it.

As public relations and marketing professionals, writing is part of every day life. So when you find yourself slamming your head against the proverbial wall, the creative part of your brain can feel paralyzed by frustration.

However, there are a few techniques that you can use to break the creative dam and get back in the flow. You can use some or all of these tricks at any time. (In fact, I’ve personally used some even when I don’t have writer’s block, just to keep my mind fresh.)

Give them a try, and please share your own tips in our comments section below, too!

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Jan 16 14

Talking Reddit, content marketing and the future of PR with Vocus’ Jeff Zelaya


I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by my friend Jeff Zelaya, who does great work over at Vocus, on several topics near and dear to my heart. In fact, on this very blog, we’ve previously written about why marketers should care about Reddit and how the customer service factor will reshape our industry going forward.

In our interview, we delve into why Reddit offers such unique opportunities for marketers (if done right!) and the do’s and don’ts of good “Reddiquette,” before expanding out into how content marketing will evolve in 2014 and much more. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did taking part in it!

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Dec 30 13

7 public relations lessons I learned from my year as a PRSA president


The end of 2013 also marks the final days of my tenure as president of Public Relations Society of America’s Miami Chapter.

In addition to the valuable professional development opportunities that both the national PRSA organization and local Miami membership have afforded me, I have also gained several insights during my time in the leadership role that I extend to anyone considering getting involved in any civic or charitable organization.

Volunteering your time for any organization is certainly a commitment, but with the right perspective it’s an investment that will pay you back many times over.

By representing rbb within our local South Florida PR community as PRSA Miami president, I learned quite a few things this year.

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Dec 19 13

5 communication lessons from 2013’s most popular television shows


With the end of the year come numerous “best of” lists. This year, I thought I’d combine two of my favorite subjects – marketing communications and escapist television – to create a list of lessons we can learn from pithy quotes delivered by some favorite TV characters.

While there are many great shows, I tried to pick quotes that would stand alone whether or not you are a fan. And, if you’re a regular follower, well, you’ll enjoy them even more.

5) “If I had known the world was ending, I’d have brought better books.” –Dale Horvath, “The Walking Dead”

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Dec 19 13

6 things every PR pro will be doing this holiday season


PR pros know that the holidays can be a little hectic with events, deadlines and wrapping up the year, but there are few things all PR pros can agree on: We’ll likely be doing at least one of the following over the next few days!

Enjoy these bits of holiday hijinx, starring rbb’ers!

1. Upgrading your 25th daily cup of coffee to a gingerbread latte

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Nov 22 13

JFK assassination 50 years later: How has media changed?


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and revisiting the iconic news footage serves as a reminder of how dramatically the digital age has impacted the way media process and cover current events.

In 1963, it was broadcast media that broke the news that President Kennedy had been shot, and it became the primary source of information the nation relied on to help make sense of that unthinkable act.

The broadcast media didn’t have to worry about the 24-hour news cycle or competing with more nimble online outlets. This gave them the luxury of time – even if it was a finite amount of time – to add context and vet the accuracy of new details before sharing them with the public.

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Nov 18 13

Customer service Breakout Brands share secrets at Global PR Summit


At the Holmes Report’s second annual  Global PR Summit in Miami, three global brands shared inside information on how they have infused customer service best practices throughout their operations to burnish brand reputation, bolster customer loyalty and boost business results.

Their stories, presented during rbb’s “Customer Experience Factor” session at the Summit, coincided with the release of our second annual Breakout Brands consumer insights survey, a part of the firm’s overall “Breakout Brand” strategy, which garnered the Holmes Report 2013 PR Thought Leadership award.

Moderated by rbb CEO Christine Barney, the panel included AnneMarie Mathews, vice president of public relations at Norwegian Cruise Line; Stephen Payne, vice president of corporate communications for Feld Entertainment; and Eileen Sheil, executive director of corporate communications for the Cleveland Clinic.

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Nov 13 13

New Breakout Brands study explores the importance of the customer experience


This year’s Global PR Summit is once again a catalyst for spirited dialogue about the success or failure of the public relations industry. Communicators from around the world, hailing from organizations of all types and sizes, are sharing their stories. While their languages and cultures may be different, their communications challenges are universal.

In this whirlwind of debate, rbb chose to release its second annual Breakout Brand study, “The Service Factor” on an area of concern for all: the customer service experience.

This year, we surveyed thousands of consumers to find out just what it takes for a brand to build on or break the emotional connection that drew a customer in the first place.

We found today’s bold new consumers extremely eager to reach out over product/service problems, and in most cases they end up disappointed with the outcome and determined to share that experience with others.

The study provides insights into consumers’ expectations regarding speed of response, truth of company claims and quantifies the lost revenues from abandoned purchases or lost sales.

We also included our second listing of consumer choices for the top ten Breakout Brands in the United States. These are brands who put the customer first, create the future through innovative products and services and communicate with soul.

Click here to see the Breakout Brands: The Service Factor.

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