Nov 19 14

5 ways to improve real-time event coverage on social media


In a world where 140 characters can break a major story at any time during the 24/7 news cycle, PR pros are constantly re-evaluating how to disseminate information and shape narratives.

As the chair of the Public Relations Society of America’s Entertainment & Sports section, I have a particular interest in this issue. That’s why we recently hosted a Twitter chat tackling the topic of communications strategies for live events, featuring Gina Lehe, senior director of communications and brand management for the new College Football Playoff.

While the chat centered on sports, the takeaways apply to those in any industry who host any type of live event. (Remember, a press conference, earnings call or ground breaking can qualify, too.)

You can read a full recap of our conversation below, but here are five key points Gina made about real-time communication:

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Nov 12 14

3 trends shaping public relations measurement standards


I recently attended the fourth Measurement Summit and Conclave, a meeting of 50 thought leaders, academics, researchers and just plain “measurati”. Organized by the Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission, the group convenes annually to help set industry standards and discuss the future of measurement in public relations.

I’ve previously written about how the Barcelona principles guide the standards for measurement metrics, such as mentions, impressions, engagement and awareness. The purpose is to ensure all practitioners speak with one voice.

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Nov 7 14

Six questions to ask when starting on next year’s marketing plans


As soon as holiday decorations start hitting the store shelves, I know it’s time to finish up our client marketing plans for the coming year.  This is a time consuming process, but one well worth the rewards.

If you haven’t started, and you’re not exactly sure where to begin, here are some questions to get you going.

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Nov 4 14

The power of saying “Thank You” when connecting with customers


“Today, emotions are driving purchases like never before…Studies on emotional attachment to brands have found that evoking positive emotions is crucial for brand engagement.” rbb’s Breakout Brand research could not be more on point.

One of the simplest, but arguably most effective, ways to evoke those emotions is to express gratitude. Thanking customers helps make them a part of your company’s story on and offline and it is one way Breakout Brands can successfully connect with consumers.

Whether you are a new brand such as Uber or a legacy company such as Disney, your customers always drive your bottom line. According to rbb’s Breakout Brand Customer Insights study 83 percent of consumers would pay more for a product or service from a company they feel puts them first.

So, what would work for your customer? How can you evoke emotion? You make them feel like they are number one.

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Nov 3 14

rbb introduces Conscious Consumer, discusses millennials at #PRSummit


We recently had the opportunity to host two sessions at Holmes Report’s Global Public Relations Summit, arguably the biggest global communications event in the world.

Our sessions were very different, but had a common through line: The importance of understanding and activating your audience across generations.

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Oct 30 14

4 frightening Halloween PR faux pas


As national holidays go, Halloween certainly leaves the most room to be edgy with your corporate or personal brand.

But it seems every year the holiday produces communications scares that require reputation management teams to have more than just a bag of tricks to treat.

Here are four Halloween PR frights and the responses to quiet the chorus of boos.

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Oct 24 14

McDonalds’ attempt to take the myth out of the Big Mac


It’s been a few weeks since rbb announced that we’ve formed a joint venture –  Gibbs-rbb. It’s a company that understands and speaks to the Conscious ConsumerTM, those who demand to know what’s in their food, how it’s made and are willing to spend more with those brands who have the right answers.

The timing couldn’t be better, in my opinion, as this trend has officially spilled over from the granola eating, yoga practicing, exclusively Whole Foods shopping margins to the mainstream.

Because there’s nothing more mainstream than McDonald’s, with billions of hamburgers served all over the world. And with its new integrated marketing campaign, the fast food chain is finally coming to grips with the fact that the Conscious Consumer is not only here to stay, but growing exponentially and making choices that seriously impact the bottom line for many companies.

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Oct 23 14

A millennial’s perspective on social media advertising


On Oct. 19, Snapchat users who casually looked at their smartphones unknowingly set themselves up for a good Halloween scare. The newest “recent update”? A frightening preview for the new Universal Studios movie “Ouija.” Yes, advertisements have finally arrived, Snapchat fans. (And, according to Universal, it received millions of views.)

Similarly, Pinterest may soon be revamping its targeted advertising efforts as more companies look to capitalize on users’ interests. When a user re-pins a cozy fall sweater or pumpkin-spiced latte recipe, they are subconsciously indicating their preferences.

“There’s intent around a pin,” says Joanne Bradford, Pinterest’s head of partnerships.

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Oct 20 14

4 email rules for PR pros to live by


A couple of weeks back, I was deep into my world of multitasking: I was responding to a client email on my phone while holding a Facetime conversation. Then, you guessed it: I messed up. I was trying to send my team a thought about a client and ended up emailing the client directly.

Luckily, what I said was completely harmless and the client was understanding, but it got me thinking about just how quickly our goodwill and good work can get derailed by one wrong “send.”

While face-to-face interaction is the preferred method of client communication, time and geographic locations don’t always allow for this, which is why email is and will remain the primary form of interaction.

However, because email is a part of PR pros’ daily routines, it’s easy to become robotic in emails and forget that how you answer emails is a reflection of your ability and skills. With that in mind, below are some rules to live by when it comes to your email communication with clients.

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Oct 14 14

#PRSAICON 2014: Who’s Making News Now? Riding the Trend Wave


It’s that time again when PR professionals from all 50 states and beyond descend upon an unsuspecting conference center, creating Apple Store-style lines for lattes and hoarding charging outlets like they’re spitting out gold. That’s right – the PRSA International Conference in Washington D.C.!

It’s my fourth year reporting from the action, and my goal is to spot the hidden themes – the underlining messages woven between the keynote speakers and smaller panel sessions that tell us about the future of PR.

Those with big data still on the brain will say I should provide research-backed analysis of social media keywords to produce these themes. Alas, my measurement philosophy this year is a back-to-basics approach. And as Steve Turnbo, winner of this year’s Paul M. Lund Public Service Award, so elegantly reminded us today with a quote from Maya Angelou:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

So I’m going to tell you how I feel about the underlying trend coming out of PRSA Conference: It’s the changing news cycle.

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